Mike Duncan Project

The Mike Duncan Project began as a group of musician/friends from various churches in the Pittsburgh area came together to record some of the songs of Mike Duncan singer/songwriter currently leading worship at First Assembly of God in Coraopolis, PA.

Originally from California, Mike spent years on the road with his parents who had a band that toured the West coast. Mike came to the Pittsburgh area in 6th grade after a parental divorce. Mike has been singing and writing songs for as long as he can remember. During his years at Aliquippa High School, Mike was submersed in making hip-hop music for various artists in the area and doing shows throughout the area. After a long spiral down into the abyss that would swallow many aspiring musicians, Mike turned to Jesus in 1996 and began to write music that would bring glory to God and offer a ray of sunshine to a dim world. Many of Mike's songs come from personal experience of going through rough times in which this life does not seem to have it's shortages of. These songs can be used of the Lord to reach out to those who are 'in the valley' or are in desperate need of Hope.

Feeling called to record some of these songs, Mike along with the musicians hit the studio and thus began the Mike Duncan Project (MDP).
The band is comprised of Mike Duncan(Lead Vocals), Joe Faulk and Jeremy Yerse(Guitars), Josh Schneeberger the 17 year old Drummer, Jesse Metcalf on the keys, and David Faulk on Bass (Breaking E Strings Daily).

David Faulk, a graduate of Evangel bible college, has a unique calling to evangelism, has been speaking and bringing a life-changing message with passion to young people on college campuses in various cities. The Mike Duncan project offers a unique live experience by uniting exciting inspired music with a powerful message from David Faulk. This tandem approach has a great potential for bringing the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ to the youth throughout the nation and the world.

Within the Music you can hear musical inflences from a wide array of styles. A Soulful vocal styling fused with hard guitars, driving rhythms and beautiful piano licks form their sound that is energetic and diverse. The song "Watching Over Me" delivers the theme of Psalm 3 over a reggae hip-hop style groove with lyrics that you'll find yourself singing along with after the first listen. "We Will Sing" offers a glance into the book of Revelation with hard hitting melodic speed while "Blessed Be God" muses upon God's goodness with the help of a warm piano and mellow harmonies.

Regardless of your musical preference, chances are you'll hear something that speaks to on the inside while listening. The Mike Duncan Project looks forward with excitement and enthusiasm as they continue in the will of God bringing music and life to the hearts and minds of a thirsty generation.

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